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Snowball Express Indy Car

Check out these two articles on our new Indy Car!!


UFood Restaurant Group

UFood Restaurant Group Selects Snowball Express as Charity of Choice in Conjunction With Opening at Aberdeen Proving Ground

UFood to Develop Promotional Events to Benefit Work With Military Families


Snowball express 

We will Never forget

September 11, 2001 changed our world forever and also changed the lives of many American families. Over the past decade true American Heroes, the men and women of the United States Military and their families, have made and continue to make extraordinary sacrifices to protect our freedom. These American Heroes who were the father or mother of the children we serve have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. America is forever in their debt. The children and spouses that these heroes leave behind have also paid a very high price for our freedom and we are eternally grateful.

The mission of Snowball Express is to create hope and new memories for the children of our fallen military heroes who have died while on active duty since 9/11. We invite you to help us carry out this mission. It is a responsibility that we all share. 



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My Adventure with Snowball Express
By: Cameron Santos-Silva

I attended an event called snowball express. The mission statement was bringing families together. The reasons for this event are for families to come together who lost a parent in the military. This relates to me, because my dad Sergeant First Class Carlos Santos-Silva, was a platoon sergeant that managed 42 soldiers in the United States Army. Read more blue_arrow